Distinguished Honors Seminar

Distinguished Honors Seminar

Call for Proposals: Distinguished Honors Seminar

Invitation to all Penn State Harrisburg Faculty:  The Honors Programs at Penn State Harrisburg invites applications from interested faculty members to be a part of the Distinguished Honors Seminar for 2015-16 by offering an event that engages honors students outside the classroom.

Overview:  The honors programs emphasize greater academic depth, interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement, and global awareness, unified with personal integrity.  Our goal is to develop honor students who will have an important and ethical influence in the world, affecting academic, professional, civic, social, and business sectors. It is our belief that bringing together honor students with Penn State’s world-renown  faculty is an ideal fit between students and eminent researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals who share a passion for learning, exploration, and achievement. This seminar seeks to increase academic engagement between honors students and faculty through innovative programs outside the classroom setting.

Purpose: Each event in the Honors Seminar should engage faculty expertise and a broad spectrum of honors students (from a wide assortment of majors and years) outside the classroom setting. This may be achieved through a variety of means. Examples of events may include (but are not limited to):

  • An academic fireside chat (figuratively speaking) where a faculty member leads honor students in an incisive discussion on a particular topic of interest,
  • Discovery based academic activities (for example, a simulated consulting scenario or “Grand rounds”)
  • Field trips that engage honor students with learning or cultural opportunities in the region
  • Other creative academic or cultural events

The key ingredient is that the faculty member will engage honors students in meaningful, interesting, and academically focused ways.

Proposal Details: We are collecting Distinguished Honors Seminar proposals for 2015-16.  Proposals for fall 2015 are due by Friday August 7, 2015.  Proposals for spring 2016 are due by Friday September 18, 2015.

Please submit a WORD document that includes the following:

  1. A one-page description of the event you propose that engages honors students outside the classroom; its theme, details, value, and goals.
  2. A brief paragraph addressing how your proposed event engages honors students with selected facets of the mission of “greater academic depth, interdisciplinary collaboration, community engagement, and global awareness, unified with personal integrity”.
  3. A brief paragraph that describes the expertise you bring to this event that makes this unique.
  4. (If applicable*) A list of any special expenses and their approximate costs. (Assume a maximum group size of twelve honor students for field trips and eighteen for on-campus events.)


* - Note: The Honors Program arranges appropriate food for honors seminar events. Item D is only required if something beyond a generic group meal is needed.  The honors office will provide assistance with the organization of the events and logistics (booking of rooms, announcing to honors students, ordering food, etc.).

Feel free to contact David Witwer (dxw44@psu.edu) to discuss your ideas.  We look forward to hearing your ideas on what you would contribute via the Distinguished Honors Seminar.