Candalyn B. Rade, Ph.D.

Candalyn B. Rade, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
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Olmsted Building, W311L

Candalyn B. Rade is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Penn State Harrisburg. Dr. Rade earned her M.S from the Psychology in the Public Interest program and her Ph.D. from the Applied Social and Community Psychology program at North Carolina State University. Dr. Rade takes an interdisciplinary approach to her research that draws from community psychology, social psychology, and criminal justice. Her research focuses on (1) reducing barriers and facilitating community reentry after justice system involvement, with an emphasis on stigma and discrimination based on having a criminal record; and (2) bolstering community-based resources and cultivating supportive community collaborations for formerly incarcerated persons and their families. Dr. Rade teaches in the undergraduate psychology program, the Community Psychology and Social Change graduate program, and the Applied Clinical Psychology graduate program.

Research Interests

Reentry and employment programs

Stigma toward formerly incarcerated persons

Alternatives to incarceration

Community-based services and coalitions

Risk assessment


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Ph.D., North Carolina State University

M.S., North Carolina State University

B.A., Taylor University

Course Schedule
PSYCH 221 (Social Psychology)
PSYCH 301W (Basic Research Methods)
CMPSY 519 (Research Methods I)
CMPSY 511 (Social Impacts of Psychological Functioning)
PSYC 520 (Clinical Research Methods)
PSYCH 441 (Health Psychology)