Excellence in Teaching Award - Criteria

Excellence in Teaching Award - Criteria

Name of Award

Penn State Harrisburg Award for Excellence in Teaching

Purpose of Award

To recognize and encourage excellence in teaching at Penn State Harrisburg


Full-time Penn State Harrisburg faculty members whose primary responsibility is teaching and who have been employed continuously for a minimum of three years. Previous recipients will not be eligible for a period of five years.

Nomination Procedure

Each faculty member/administrator may submit one nomination no later than the deadline, as posted on the Faculty and Staff Awards page. The nominee, who should be notified promptly of the nomination, will supply all the appropriate supporting material to the Chancellor’s office.

Description of the Award

Each teaching award will consist of a $500 check and a framed certificate. The awards will be presented at the Annual Faculty /Staff Awards Convocation or other appropriate public ceremony.

Composition of the Awards Committee

The Awards Committee will consist of the two of most recent recipients of the award, two faculty representatives selected by Faculty Senate, and a student representative selected by the Student Government Association.

Selection Process

The Teaching Awards Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Chancellor. If the committee does not believe that any of the nominees meets the criteria, the committee may recommend that no award be given. There is no requirement that the award be presented annually.

Supporting Materials

Each nominee should provide sufficient supporting material to help the committee understand the quality of her/his teaching. This material should be organized carefully in portfolio form and must include at least the following information:

  • A statement certifying that the nominee meets the eligibility requirements.
  • A record of the nominee’s service to the individual campus, including date of appointment, dates of promotion in rank, and specific courses [with enrollment information] offered during the past three years.
  • A statement explaining the nominee’s teaching philosophy similar to the statements used typically in the promotion and tenure dossiers. This statement should include information about innovative teaching practices, instructional materials developed, new courses developed, major course improvement projects, grants or awards relating to teaching, and assessments of teaching by both students and peers. Instructional activities outside the classroom will also be reviewed.
    Such activities may include but are not limited to advisory activities, instructional activity in the community, and/or presentations related to teaching made at professional meetings.
  • Copies of representative syllabi and other teaching materials, the Student Rating[s] of Teaching Effectiveness scores, and the qualitative comment sheets from the last three years.