Faculty Service Award - Criteria

Faculty Service Award - Criteria

Purpose of Award

To recognize and encourage excellence in service to the University and the external stakeholders by Penn State Harrisburg faculty.


Faculty members who have held full-time, continuous appointments at Penn State Harrisburg for a minimum of three years. Previous recipients will not be eligible for a period of five years.

Nomination Procedure

Each faculty member/administrator may submit one nomination no later than the deadline, as posted on the Faculty and Staff Awards page.

The nominee, who should be notified promptly of the nomination, will supply all the appropriate supporting material to the Chancellor’s office.

Description of the Award

The outstanding faculty service award will consist of a $500 check and a framed certificate. The award will be presented at the annual Faculty/Staff Awards Convocation or an appropriate public ceremony.

Composition of the Awards Committee

The awards committee will consist of two previous recipients of the award, one member of the Board of Advisors, two faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, and one student member appointed by the Student Government Association.


Nominations will be reviewed by the Service Award Committee, which will make recommendations to the Chancellor. If the committee believes that none of the nominees meets the criteria for the award, the committee may recommend that no award be presented. There is no requirement that the award be presented annually.

Supporting Materials

Each nominee should provide sufficient supporting material for the committee to evaluate. Such material should include at least the following information:

  • A statement certifying that the nominee meets the eligibility requirements
  • A biographical sketch and/or curriculum vitae or resume, which must include a record of her/his service to the campus
  • Complete documentation attesting to the nominee’s superior service in the following areas:
    • Service to the University, committee work on School, College and/or University-wide
    • Governance bodies and related activities
    • Administrative support work
    • Contributions to the University’s programs to enhance equal opportunity and cultural diversity
  • Service to External stakeholders, which utilize the faculty member’s professional expertise, participation in community affairs as a University representative, service to federal, state and local governments, service to business and industry; and service to professional, public and private non-for-profit organization.