Article I. Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this organization is the Eastern American Studies Association.
  2. As a chapter of the American Studies Association, the Eastern has as its purposes: fostering the study of American Culture in all its aspects, providing a forum for communication and discussion among its members and the general public, and promotion of scholarship and development of an American studies regional community through holding an annual convention. These ends are to be achieved by the organization of regular meetings, and by cooperation with the national American Studies Association.
  3. The Eastern American Studies Association is a not-for-profit educational organization and may be incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania.

Article II. Membership

  1. The regional mandate of the Eastern American Studies Association is to serve members residing in the following states: southern New Jersey, western New York State, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.
  2. Membership in the Eastern American Studies Association is open to any member of the American Studies Association designating his or her address in the above-mentioned states and to any person interested in the study of American culture through payment of one year's dues. The amount of annual dues shall be established by the Executive Board, and a portion of the annual dues, determined by the Executive Board, shall entitle members to receive a one-year subscription to the newsletter of the association.
  3. Any not-for-profit educational or cultural institution that shares its interests may become an institutional member of the regional association upon payment of one year's institutional dues, the amount of such dues to be established by the Executive Board.
  4. Members whose dues are six months in arrears shall be dropped from the rolls by the Secretary-Treasurer. Such persons or institutions may be reinstated at any time with payment of one-year's dues.
  5. Only members in good standing may vote or serve on the Executive Board of this association.

Article III. Officers

  1. The officers shall be a President, a Vice-President (who shall be President-elect), and a Secretary-Treasurer.
  2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Executive Board. She/he shall formulate such policies and activities that, if approved by the Board, will carry out the chartered purposes and obligations of the association.
  3. The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, preside at all meetings. Should the presidency become vacant, the Vice-President shall serve the remainder of the President's term. Besides serving on the Executive Board, the Vice-President shall normally chair the program committee for the annual meeting of the association. The Vice-President/Program Chair will be responsible to the Executive Board in all program and financial matters connected with the annual meeting.
  4. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for the day-to-day business of the association, including the collection of dues, banking and disbursing funds, maintaining membership rolls, and mailing routine communications to the membership including the newsletter. The Secretary-Treasurer also will prepare a financial statement for the Board's approval at least annually, and will be subject to such internal audits as the Board may deem necessary.
  5. The officers shall serve without compensation. They may be reimbursed for expenses incurred in service to the association, when such services and reimbursement are approved in advance by the Executive Board. If such expenses are incurred between meetings of the Board, reimbursement may be approved by agreement of the officers and the board member designated as responsible for audits and finances.
  6. The officers shall be elected at the annual meeting of the chapter and shall serve a 2-year term from that date, or until their successors are elected.

Article IV. Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers, immediate past president, and six elected members. Two of these elected members are encouraged to be from the various institutions (libraries, historical societies, and museums) located in the region unless two representatives from these institutions are not willing to serve. The other four members will normally represent colleges and universities from the region, with at least one representing students. All members shall serve two year terms, except association officers and its past president. Elected members may succeed themselves.
  2. The six elected members of the Executive Board and the officers shall be chosen by the members on an annual basis. A nominating committee composed of three members of the Board shall propose a slate for this election, and all association members are eligible to run for office and to vote.
  3. In case of vacancies in office, the Executive Board may appoint people to fill the unexpired terms.
  4. The times and places for the association to meet will be determined by the Executive Board, and the Board will meet during the annual meeting and at such other times as the President may call it together. Three Board members may petition the president to hold a Board meeting.

Article V. Committees

  1. Standing Committees are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board. They may include an Audit/Finance Committee and a Nominating Committee.
  2. Ad hoc committees are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board or the Board's designated representative.
  3. The Vice-President and/or Program Chair shall appoint a committee to work with him/her on the program and arrangements for the annual meeting. The President and the Board shall appoint such other ad hoc committees as are necessary to accomplish specific tasks.

Article VI. Amendments, By-Laws, Ratification

Amendments to this constitution and any by-laws of the regional association must be proposed in writing to the President at least one month before a meeting of the Board. It shall consider all such proposals, and if by a two-thirds majority approve them, the proposed amendments or by-laws shall be submitted to the membership at the next annual meeting. Final approval of such proposed changes or additions must be by two-thirds majority vote of the present and in good standing.

This constitution shall be made available to the membership before a ratification meeting. The ratification meeting shall be announced to all the members of the American Studies Association residing in Delaware, Pennsylvania, western New York State, and southern New Jersey. A majority of members in attendance at the ratification meeting shall be sufficient to ratify this constitution.

No officer of this association may declare it inoperative. Only a majority vote of the membership may do so.

Article VII. Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting of the members. A quorum shall consist of those members in good standing in attendance.

The Executive Board shall meet once each year. A quorum shall be eight members.

Revised 2/16/2011