Principal Certification Program (EDLDR)

Principal Certification Program (EDLDR)

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The Principal Certification Program, part of Penn State's Educational Leadership Program (EDLDR), is a statewide program offered at two locations: University Park and Harrisburg. The program has been evaluated by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) and is in compliance with their current requirements as well as all requirements by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

The program has three important features:

  1. A standardized Principal Certification Program is offered so that all students receive a consistent, high-quality, and uniform program.

  2. The specific designated courses cover all NCATE and PIL (Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership) standards. All course assignments and student results are aligned with NCATE/ELCC and PIL standards.

  3. A student management system using an electronic portfolio approach is utilized to allow all students to maintain a record of their progress through the Principal Certification program. The portfolio provides documentary evidence of student proficiency in all ELCC and PIL standard elements, an evaluation of student progress, and an evaluation of program outcomes.

This program is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)

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Degree Conferred: Certification only

All faculty in the Principal Certification program have excellent credentials as scholars, practitioners, and researchers. Their backgrounds, active involvement, and continuing research ensure that participants will be exposed to the most current practices.

Each participant will be assigned an adviser at Penn State Harrisburg.


Spring Semester 2017
EDLDR 579 - Financial Management in Schools
Instructor: Dr. Alan Vandrew - Assistant Superintendent/CFO, Mechancisburg Area S.D.
EDLDR 560 - Instructional Supervision
Instructor:  Dr. Rhonda Brunner - Assistant Executive Driector, Administrative Services Capital Area I.U.
Summer Semester 2017
EDLDR 576 Law & Education
Instructor:  Dr. Rob Schultz - Superintendent, Tulpehocken Area S.D.
EDLDR 559 - Principles of Instructional Supervision
Instructor:  Dr. Rhonda Brunner - Assistant Executive Driector, Administrative Services Capital Area I.U.
Fall Semester 2017
EDLDR 568 - Principalship
Instructor: Dr. Emilie Lonardi - Superintendent, West York Area S.D.
EDLDR 559 - School Improvement
Instructor: Dr. Sherri Smith - Superintendent, Lower Dauphin S.D. 
Every Semester 2017
EDLDR 595 - Internship
Instructor:  Dr. Robert Coffman - Assistant Professor of Education, Program Coordinator, Principal Certification Program