Current Exhibit

Current Exhibit

Through Their Eyes: Modern Visions of the Holocaust

June 4 - October 28, 2016
Linda Schwab Gallery, Penn State Harrisburg Library

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It has been over 75 years since the start of World War II. For many people, the war is just something in a history book, but for me, as the only child of Holocaust survivors, it has always been an integral part of my life. Between 2007 and 2013, I had the honor of leading several delegations of high school seniors through historic sites, including concentration camps, in Poland as part of a trip called the “March of the Living.” This trip brings together youth from all over the world, culminating in a march of over 8,000 people from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day).

Visiting a concentration camp is a surreal experience. You are not sure what to think or feel. You are both tearful and numb at the same time. The sights and smells somehow transport you to another world. Each year on Yom HaShoah, we honor the memory of the millions who were killed during that horrible time in world history by reading their names, over a period of 24 consecutive hours. Our hope is that doing this will give them a voice, that it will somehow allow them to be heard and remembered.

It is my hope, through these photographs, to do the same.

This exhibition is part of programming organized by the Penn State Harrisburg Center for Holocaust and Jewish Studies under the direction of Dr. Anthony Bak Buccitelli. The Center acknowledges the support of Dr. Mukund Kulkarni, chancellor, Penn State Harrisburg; Dr. Gregory Crawford, interim director, School of Humanities, Penn State Harrisburg; Glenn McGuigan, library director, Penn State Harrisburg; Irwin and Nancy Aronson; Dr. Madlyn Hanes; Neil Leifert; Kurt and Doris Moses; Linda Schwab; Harry Yaverbaum; and Eileen Zagon.

Lead Scholar: Dr. Simon J. Bronner
Curator:  Dr. Anthony Buccitelli
Administrative Support: Taneile Fasnacht
Graphics: Sharon Siegfried
Website: Center for Holocaust and Jewish Studies

About the Artist:

Mark GlickDr. Glick is the only living child of Polish Holocaust survivors. His mother, Sonia, was interned as a teenager in Stutthof Concentration Camp, after her parents and brother were killed. She was liberated by the Russian army while on a death march in 1945. His father, Eli, escaped with two of his sisters. Eli’s parents and three other siblings were killed. Eli and his sisters spent the war hiding in caves in the forest. Sonia and Eli met and married shortly after the end of the war and spent three years in a displaced persons camp. They ultimately immigrated to the United States, arriving in Philadelphia in 1951. They moved to Waterbury, Connecticut in 1963, where they owned and operated a small meat and grocery store. Of Sonia’s family, only two cousins survived. They immigrated to Israel after the war. Of Eli’s family, only his two sisters survived.

Dr. Glick served as the physician and group leader for the March of the Living trip three times between 2007 and 2013. These photographs were taken during those trips. Dr. Glick did his medical training at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and the Medical College of Pennsylvania. He is a full-time cardiologist with Lebanon Cardiology Associates. He is also an avid photographer and a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

Dr. Glick has three grown children, and resides in Hummelstown with his wife. Each family member has accompanied him on a March of the Living trip. For more information about the images in this show, email Dr. Glick at