Meeting Your Advisor

Meeting Your Advisor

Every student will be assigned an adviser when they are accepted into the program. Advisers are an ally, and can offer student support in a whole range of ways, from choosing courses to discussing job and career possibilities.

For example, students can map out a plan of study to guide the scheduling of their courses and other requirements for the master's degree. They can review the Plan of Study that lays out the requirements and options students have in the Training and Development Curriculum, and then use Long Range Planning Tool  that makes a prediction (not a guarantee) about when courses are likely to be offered over a rolling three-year period, to draft a personalized approach to their studies. We recommend, however, that students do not do this work in isolation. Their advisers are ready to help.

Students should meet with their advisers at least once a semester for help and guidance as they create and advance through their plan of study. Advisers can offer information and clarification about the program and the courses that will assist in preparing a plan of study. Get to know your adviser and feel free to request time with your adviser through email, by phone, virtual meetings, or office appointments. Your adviser can help ensure that you do not make errors in your course selections that could delay your completion of the program.

In addition, all students are required to update their Career Engagement Portfolio at the close of each semester, send their adviser the link to the CEP for review, and establish a time to have a conversation about it. The CEP is a critical element in determining whether students are required to enroll in the Internship elective (TRDEV 596) in order to fulfill the program’s Experience Requirement.

The first course all students should take is Foundations in Training and Development (TRDEV460). This course is considered as a "gateway" course and lays the groundwork for the rest of the courses and experiences in the Training and Development curriculum. New students with special circumstances who need to delay taking TRDEV 460 must get permission to do so from their adviser.

Advisers are an important part of every student’s educational experience in the Training and Development program. Visit with them early and often!