Required Courses 

The Principal Certification Program (EDLDR) at Penn State consists of six specific courses (see Table 1) consistent across the University Park and Harrisburg programs. These courses cover both the mandatory ELCC standards and the PDE certification requirements. The main themes present throughout the EDLDR courses include diversity, professional development, instructional leadership, ethical and moral leadership, school improvement, change processes, and social justice. All of the courses are offered at Penn State Harrisburg in a blended delivery of face-to-face and online instruction.

Table 1. Principal Certification Program required core courses
Course Title
EDLDR 559 School Improvement
EDLDR 560 Principles of Instructional Supervision
EDLDR 568 Principalship
EDLDR 576 The Law and Education
EDLDR 579 Financial Management in Schools
EDLDR 595 Internship for Principals

Course Sequence


EDLDR 568 The Principalship (3) Prerequisite: teaching or school administrative experience; 18 credits in education at least 5 of which are methods of teaching

EDLDR 559 School Improvement (3)


EDLDR 579 Financial Management for Schools (3) Prerequisite: teaching, administrative, or supervisory experience

EDLDR 560 Principles of Instructional Supervision (3)


EDLDR 576 The Law and Education (3)Prerequisite: administrative or supervisory experience

EDLDR 595 Internship(3) Prerequisite:teaching experience and a professional certificate

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