The health education program requires 30 graduate credits for the completion of the master’s degree:

  • 21 credits in prescribed courses, offered via a hybrid or blended format, which affords students the opportunity to take two courses while traveling to campus one day per week
    • Includes a 3-credit capstone course to complete a guided, research-based scholarly project
  • 9 credits in elective courses.
    • Students can choose elective courses from psychology, community psychology and social change, teacher education, training and development, lifelong learning and adult education, public health sciences, health and public administration, and more.

Transfer Credits and Course Substitutions

A maximum of 10 credits of high-quality graduate work completed at an accredited institution may be applied toward the degree requirements. Transferred academic work must have been completed within five years prior to the date of first degree registration in the Graduate School. A grade of at least B quality must appear on an official graduate transcript.

Approval to apply transferred credits toward the degree must be granted by the Health Education program and the Graduate School. Any course substitution for prescribed core courses must be granted by the Health Education program. Credits earned to complete a previous master’s degree may not be applied.

Grade-Point Average and Time Limit

All requirements for the master’s degree in Health Education must be met within eight years of admission to degree status. A minimum grade-point average of 3.00 for work done at the University is required for graduation.

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