Program Requirements for Admission

Program Requirements for Admission

Note: In addition to the general prerequisites for admission to the Graduate School, the following is required by this degree program:

Requirements More Information
  • Minimum GPA (on a 4.0 scale):  3.0 for undergraduate; 3.5 for graduate.
Supporting Materials
  • Minimum test scores, from within the last five years: 1100 and above for GRE; 398 and above for MAT
  • A written statement of career goals and degree objectives
  • A résumé
  • Three written academic and professional references
  • A writing sample completed under timed conditions (Contact the program at 717-948-6059)
  • A personal interview may be required

The Penn State Lifelong Learning and Adult Education program follows a selective admission policy. The best qualified applicants will be accepted up to the number of spaces available for new students at Penn State Harrisburg. The Program Admissions Committee considers academic aptitude, professional experience, life circumstance, and clarity of academic and professional goals of prospective students. In addition, compatibility of career goals and experience with the courses offered at Penn State Harrisburg, and compatibility and availability of adult education faculty with similar research interests are also considerations.

Application Deadline

Semester Deadline
Fall April 1*

* For those who are interested in graduate assistantship, application deadline is March 1

Admission decisions are typically announced by April 30.