Penn State Harrisburg

Student Activity Fee Fund Application

Our Policy

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities to all Penn State Harrisburg Students. Please note the following rules/regulations of SAF:

  • All SAF Proposals must be submitted electronically, via this form.
  • Official cost documentation must be attached. SAF can deny funding if supporting documentation of expected cost is not provided.
  • Late proposals will not be accepted.
  • Organizations are limited in receiving no more than 5% of the total SAF budget for any academic year
  • Individuals are limited in receiving no more than 0.5% of the total SAF budget for any academic year.
  • SAF funds CANNOT pay for Faculty/Staff travel, expenses, etc.
  • SAF funds CANNOT be used towards events that are based on academic credit.
  • The maximum amount of SAF Funds that will be approved for hotels is $100/night per room.

Please ensure that you've accounted for the costs of publicity, catering, entertainer/speaker fees, set-up or tear-down costs, security and monitoring fees, equipment fees, cleaning fees, conference fees, etc.

Event/Program Information


Contact Person

Adviser Information
Type of Request

Please choose the category that best describes your event/program.

Event/Program Summary

Summarize the nature of this event.  Please answer the following questions in your summary: How will this event benefit the campus as a whole? Why is this event needed? Is this event open to all Penn State Students (if no, explain)? How will this event be marketed to the campus community? Is this a repeat program (if so, please provide information on the success of the previous event)?

Other Support
Is this event/program receiving financial support from any other organizations? If yes, please explain from where and how much.
Cost Summary

Please list the costs associated with this event/program.


  • Speaker's fee; $500; quote from speaker/agent attached
  • Catering; $120; quote from Dining Services attached
  • Dunk booth rental; $200; quote from Rent-All World attached

Important: Supporting documents/professional or vendor quotes are required for all items being requested. Please list items and attach additional documentation to this proposal.

If you have more than 5 items/supporting documents, contact Stephanie White ( for instructions.






Responsibility Agreement

By submitting this proposal, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that submitting a proposal does not guarantee funding.  I understand that if my event is funded, I or my organization is responsible for planning this event and providing SAF with all of the proper documents for funding. I understand that if my event is funded, I or a member of my organization is responsible for completing an evaluation and may be asked to give a presentation on the learning outcomes of this event/program.  I have read the policy below and understand that I or my organization is responsible for attaining to SAF policies.