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Environmental Engineering



Faculty research at Penn State Harrisburg focuses on improving human and environmental health and welfare. While each faculty member has specific areas of focus, most of the projects are inter-disciplinary and involve collaboration between two or more faculty members. Therefore, the students who work on these projects gain a broad-based background in their area of study. Many of these students have presented their research results at local, regional, national and international conferences. Several of these students have been award winners in student research/paper competitions. Information on current projects can be found on the website of the individual faculty.

Past master's projects and papers include, but are not limited to, the following. Copies of past master's papers and projects can be found in the Penn State Harrisburg Library.

As part of their graduate study,students select their research advisor and work with the advisor to develop the culminating project. When students were asked why they picked their potential research advisors, comments included the following:
"After five minutes in his [Dr. Chen's] class, it appeared that his work coincided with my line of work."
"I picked Dr. Xie because I am a fisherman and I was interested in the treatment of the water used in drilling."
"I am interested in Dr. Rudrabhatla's work in biofuels and was captivated by his interest in genetics and the role they may play in developing new plant species."
"I chose Dr. Baker because I am interested in the relationships between organisms within each ecosystem and environment, as well as how pollution impacts the environment in these ways."
"I chose Dr. Clark because I find the area of stormwater pollution control very practical. The ability to use scientific study to make advances in controlling the effects of stormwater runoff is very intriguing to me."