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Environmental Engineering


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The mission of the Environmental Engineering Program at Penn State Harrisburg is to be the premier provider for environmental engineering education, training, research, and technology transfer in the south-central Pennsylvania region.

The program is proactive in incorporating new and emerging paradigms and technology into all aspects of teaching, research, and service, while maintaining rigorous standards in traditional approaches to engineered solutions of environmental problems. Graduates will possess technical expertise, as well as interpersonal skills, to effectively function in a multicultural, interdisciplinary environment.

Environmental Engineering Program Educational Objectives

  1. The Environmental Engineering Program at Penn State Harrisburg will produce environmental engineers especially suited to meet the needs of employers in the south-central Pennsylvania region, while having the ability to work nationally and internationally.
  2. The Environmental Engineering Program at Penn State Harrisburg will produce graduates who can practice environmental engineering in the following application areas: water treatment, wastewater treatment, water resources engineering, and solid and hazardous waste management.
  3. Graduates will be able to accept responsibility in several different employment environments, including consulting, government, and industry.
  4. Graduates will be prepared for continued learning and advancement in the environmental engineering profession.
  5. Graduates will be prepared to function individually and as part of a team to identify and solve environmental engineering problems.

These objectives are consistent with the mission of the institution. Both the College Mission Statement and the Program Educational Objectives emphasize academic excellence; student responsibility; ethics; life-long learning; communications skills; local as well as global perspectives of issues; and research, scholarly activities, service, and professional activities by faculty.

Environmental Engineering Program Outcomes

In addition to the Program Education Objectives outlined and discussed above, the Environmental Engineering Program established a set of education outcomes, expected to be met by every student graduating from the program at the time of graduation. These outcomes, listed below, embrace the required outcomes as listed in Criterion 3 of Engineering Criteria 2000.