Civil Engineering & Structural / Construction Engineering Technology

Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students for private and public service in civil or structural engineering and construction professions, and/or continue their formal education.

Undergraduate programs emphasize the fundamentals of principles and design techniques and allow for flexible scheduling, enabling students to focus on one concentration area and gain experience in working as members of a team and in using interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems. These experiences, as well as those related to design and construction principles, are taught through exercises in the classroom, laboratory, and field.

The three graduate programs focus on environmental engineering and pollution control in an interdisciplinary manner, dealing with all aspects of preventing and controlling air, water, and solid-waste pollution and disposal.

The faculty serves as an excellent resource for students. Their experiences in education and within private industry, along with their connections with professional associations, can assist students with career choices. The faculty can provide valuable insight into their professions and help guide students' decision making regarding internship, job, and research opportunities.