Penn State Harrisburg

Responsibilities and Services

The Office of Research and Outreach...

  • Serves as the primary point of contact for external grant submissions, providing assistance with budget preparation, ensuring grants meet sponsor requirements and submitting grants to sponsors on behalf of the University.
  • Assists with grant planning and editing as requested by investigators, and maintains a list by discipline of timely grant opportunities.
  • Provides extensive on campus research/grant training, including monthly research workshops on various topics for faculty and staff and quarterly grant administrator workshops. The office sponsors a “Grant Seeking A-Z” program that includes programming by college and University staff and a professional grantsmanship trainer. Faculty and staff from other Penn State campus/colleges are invited to participate in the A-Z programs.
  • Is involved with other key activities:
    • Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar series, faculty research presentations open to the campus community/community at large; “Academic Perspectives on Current Events,” a faculty panel/audience discussion on a timely topic; and sponsorship of the annual Book Publishing Celebration, recognizing the books and creative works of Penn State Harrisburg authors.
    • ResearchWeek includes a seminar by the Faculty Research Award recipient, a reception honoring current and prior Research Award recipients, student research posters, honors student thesis presentations, and the annual Student Research Day.
    • Data analysis and reporting on research and sponsored programs