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Proposal Preparation and Management

Faculty and staff members, who plan to request, anticipate receiving funding, equipment, materials and supplies or any other form of external support from an organization or institution, should contact the staff of the Office of Research and Outreach to initiate the necessary submission and approval/compliance processes.

Proposal Submission Process

  • Develop an application timeline
    Best practice will always be to plan ahead and give ample time for ideas to develop.  Our office will work with investigators to set up a submission timeline.  The timeline will incorporate time commitments of investigators, availability of staff in the Office of Research and Outreach as well as sponsor deadlines in such a way that it will help ensure that high quality proposals are submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Proposal/Idea development, write proposal
    Discuss ideas with colleagues and staff of the Office of Research and Outreach to determine the resources needed to successfully execute the project.
  • Compliance requirements where applicable
  • Budget development
    Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach will assist the investigator during the budget development, review and approval process. To expedite the process, investigators are encouraged to complete a budget template prior to their first budget development meeting.
  • Proposal review
    Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach will ascertain (when submitted in a timely fashion) that proposals complies with university guidelines and sponsor requirements to ultimately submit a high quality proposal.
  • Proposal submission
    The final proposal should be submitted to ORO at least 3 days before the submission deadline.

Award Management

  • Account setup: Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach will setup the research account in conjunction with the Office of Research Accounting upon receipt of the grant award statement or a request for an advance fund.
  • Financial management: The principal investigator is responsible for the financial management of his/her project.  Staff in the Office of Research and Outreach, upon the commencement of the project, will provide a comprehensive overview of the approved budget with the investigator as well as the budget assistant for your area.  
  • Progress reports: It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to submit any progress reports in a timely fashion to the sponsor as outline in the award notification/agreement
  • Request for project extensions and requests for supplemental funding: Please contact staff in the Office of Research and Outreach in a timely fashion (preferable at least 90 days before the project end date) if you anticipate that you would need to have your project extended.
  • Award closeout: All awards made to the University must be completed according to the terms and conditions of the grant agreement or contract. One of our roles in the Office of Research and Outreach is to assist the principal investigator and his/her support staff to close out grants in a timely and accurate manner. With this end in mind, we are providing this guidance and welcome you to reach out to us should you have further questions.
    • It’s a sound practice to begin preparations for close out 60-90 days prior to your project end date. Please see the Closeout Procedures and Timeline. During this time you can monitor the project timeline, follow-up with subcontractors (if applicable) to ensure they are on target and monitor outstanding expenses. It is during this time that you can determine if you will need to request a project extension from the sponsor. If you foresee that a no cost extension or modification will be require, please contact our office as soon as possible.
  • Responsibilities of Principal Investigator: We invite you to review the Faculty Guide to Sponsored Programs which will give you a thorough review of the grantmaking process within our University setting. Furthermore, it will provide more details in regards to your responsibilities as a principal investigator.
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