Master of Education in Adult Education

School of Behavioral Sciences and Education

Adult Education extends through the life span from late adolescence to advanced age and takes place in a rich diversity of organizational as well as informal settings. The purpose of the Adult Education program is to increase the knowledge and competence of those who work with adult learners. Coursework, reading assignments, research projects, internships, informal discussions, and the dissertation all provide opportunities for in-depth and challenging learning experiences. The programs are interdisciplinary, and students are advised to seek learning in supporting fields within the University.

Degree Conferred: M.Ed.

Program Requirements for Admission

Requirements More Information
GPA A successful undergraduate record with a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
Supporting Materials
  • Three letters of reference that evaluate the candidate's aptitude for graduate study.
  • A sample of student writing.
  • A "career letter" in which applicants explain how the proposed studies in adult education relate to their careers.
  • Test scores from one of the following:

The best-qualified applicants will be accepted up to the number of spaces available for new students.

Application Deadline

This program has rolling admission, that is, no specific deadline. Note that it may take 4-6 weeks to receive transcripts and process an application.

Application Process

Gather supporting materials and begin the standard graduate application.

General Degree Requirements

The M.Ed. program in Adult Education consists of a required core of 24 credits in ADTED courses and 9 elective credits. The 24 core ADTED credits include the following six specified courses:

  • ADTED 460 Introduction to Adult Education (3)
  • ADTED 505 The Teaching of Adults (3)
  • ADTED 506 Program Planning in Adult Education (3)
  • ADTED 507 Research and Evaluation in Adult Education (3)
  • ADTED 510 Historical and Social Issues in Adult Education (3)
  • ADTED 588 Professional Seminar: Research and Adult Education (3)

Students then choose an additional 6 credits (2 courses) from the following ADTED courses:

  • ADTED 470 Introduction to Distance Education (3)
  • ADTED 501 Foundations of Medical Education (3)
  • ADTED 531 Course Design and Development in Distance Education (3)
  • ADTED 532 Research and Evaluation in Distance Education (3)
  • ADTED 542 Perspectives on Adult Learning Theory (3)
  • ADTED 575 Administration of Adult Education (3)

M.Ed. students are required to write a master's paper (3 credits), in lieu of a thesis, as part of the required 33 credits of course work. A minimum of 18 credits out of the 33 must be taken at the 500 level or above and a minimum of 24 credits must be in ADTED prefix courses.

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