Fundamentals of IST Certificate

The Fundamentals of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Certificate is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in whether a career in the IST field is for them. Certificate programs bundle courses to help you move ahead professionally without committing to college full-time.

The Fundamentals of IST Certificate program was custom-made for people interested in developing knowledge and skill in the informtion sciences, but who have work and family commitments that make college full-time difficult. These programs were built with your schedule and educational needs in mind. And they were developed from the kind of academic strength that only a major research university like Penn State can deliver.

Once you've completed several courses in our certification program, you may wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in Information Sciences and Technology. In that event, the credits you earn in the ceritificate program can be applied toward an IST bachelor's degree.

Who Should Enroll

Our program is designed for any degree or nondegree person who is interested in furthering his or her learning. If you have 18 college credits with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, OR if you've been out of high school for at least five (5) years, you may be eligible. High school trigonometry is also a prerequisite. The curriculum includes courses in areas such as personal productivity tools, databases, software design and development, networking, and Web site development.

Employers may partner with Penn State to create custom programs to build the knowledge and skill of their workforce. Call the School of Business at 717-948-6156 for more information.

IST 110: Information, People, and Technology (3)

The use, analysis and design of information systems and technologies to organize, coordinate, and inform human enterprises.

CMPSC 101: Introduction to Algorithmic Processes (3)

Properties of algorithms, languages, and notations for describing algorithms, applications of a procedure-oriented language to problem solving. A student may receive credit for only one of the following courses: CMPSC 101, 201C, 201F, CSE 103. Prerequisite: 2 entrance units in mathematics.

IST 210: Organization of Data (4)

Introduction to concept of databases including the storage, manipulation, evaluation, and display of data and related issues. Prerequisite: IST 110.

IST 220: Networking and Telecommunications (3)

Introduction to digital network topologies; transmission media, signal modulation, digital packet switching and routing, systems integration, communications management, and security. Prerequisite: IST 110.

IST 250: New Media and the Web (3)

Introduction to how the World Wide Web utilizes emerging technologies. Students acquire conceptual understanding of constructing Web sites. Prerequisite: IST 110.

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