Certificate Program in Psychology: Health Psychology

The certificate in advanced graduate studies in Psychology: Health Psychology is wellness-oriented and is intended to prepare counselors to work in either a mental health or medical setting. This program of study will enhance mental health professionals' skills in developing prevention programs, and in providing services for individuals and families coping with death, traumatic injuries, and chronic or terminal illnesses as well as general mental health concerns.

The certificate in advanced graduate studies in Psychology: Health Psychology requires taking four courses (12 credits) -- three required courses and one elective course.

Degree Conferred: Certificate only

Admission Requirements

Students must have obtained a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in clinical or counseling psychology, or be concurrently enrolled as a degree student in Penn State Harrisburg's Applied Clinical Psychology master's program. For students currently enrolled in the master's program in Applied Clinical Psychology at Penn State Harrisburg, the certificate will be awarded upon completion of the 12 credits required for the certificate. The certificate cannot be awarded prior to completion of the master's degree. Course work counting for a graduate or undergraduate degree may not also be used to fulfill the requirements for the certificate.

Prescribed Courses


  • 514. Preventive Psychology (3)
  • 515. Clinical Health Psychology (3)
  • 516. Child Health Psychology (3)

Elective Courses


  • 500. Ethics and Professional Practice in Psychology and Counseling (3)
  • 501. Multicultural Counseling (3)
  • 572. Neuropsychological Assessment (3)
  • 594. Research Project (3)
  • 595B. Clinical Internship (3)


  • 505. Foundations of Career Development and Counseling Information (3)

Graduate courses carry numbers from 500 to 599. Advanced undergraduate courses numbered between 400 and 499 may be used to meet some graduate degree requirements when taken by graduate students. Courses below the 400 level may not. A graduate student may register for or audit these courses in order to make up deficiencies or to fill in gaps in previous education but not to meet requirements for an advanced degree.


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