Bachelor of Arts in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

School of Humanities

Letters, Arts, and Sciences is a multi-disciplinary major that gives students the opportunity to design their own program within certain prescribed boundaries. With the assistance of an adviser, students develop a unique academic program that thematically links courses from different disciplines. This individualized course of study is especially designed for adult students who have some college credits and want an interdisciplinary program and for students who desire the flexibility to prepare for specialized careers for which there are no specific academic majors available.

Students who have earned an associate degree or who completed at least 60 college credits may apply for direct enrollment in the Letters, Arts, and Sciences program. If a student has not attended college or completed 60 or more college credits, they may enroll in either the associate degree program in Letters, Arts, and Sciences or Business to prepare for this major. Only students with less than 75 credits, completed in prior majors or at other institutions, will be considered for entrance to this major.

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 120 credits is required in the following areas: General Education: 45 credits; Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements: 12 – 24 credits; Major Requirements: 36 credits; and Electives: 18 – 30 credits. The program includes four core skills requirements: research proficiency, critical thinking, application of theory, and communications skills. In consultation with an academic adviser, students design their own program, selecting upper level courses that support their interests and goals. Students may design a study track in Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, or Business, which can include a minor that is offered by the college. Students must write a proposal explaining their academic plan, which will be reviewed and approved by the Program Coordinator.

Interested students should first read the Letters, Arts, and Sciences Student Guide (available online below) and then contact the Penn State Harrisburg Admissions office at (717)948-6250 to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.   Interested students will then be referred to an LAS Academic Adviser, who will assist in the development of a proposal for completion of the Letters, Arts, and Sciences Program.

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