Samuel Winch
Samuel Winch
Image: Penn State

Winch to present research on visual stereotypes

Dr. Samuel Winch, Penn State Harrisburg associate professor of communications and humanities, of Harrisburg, will present “Photojournalistic coverage of the Arab Spring: are visual stereotypes evolving?” on Wednesday, March 27 at 12:00 noon in the Library’s Gallery Lounge. Part of the college’s 2013 Faculty Seminar Series, the event is free and open to the public.

Winch will discuss his research involving news photographs of protesters in the Middle East from 2001-2011, analyzing the media’s depiction of protesters through the decade by considering changes in protesters’ facial expressions, distance from the camera, and activities photographed. The study was prompted by allegations that the Arab Spring protests in 2011, also known as the “Twitter Revolution,” were generally peaceful and conducted by young, secular, technology-savvy individuals who used social media to communicate and report live on events.

In addition to teaching courses in photography, graphic design, media law and ethics, converging technologies, and media theory at Penn State Harrisburg, Winch is an award-winning photographer and the author of two books: Mapping the Cultural Space of Journalism: How Journalists Distinguish News from Entertainment (Praeger, 1996); and Handbook for Visual Journalists (BrotherMedia, 2000).