Penn State Harrisburg

Multicultural Recruitment Team

The Name of the Organization shall be The Multicultural Recruitment Team (MCRT).

The Objectives of this organization shall be as follows:

  • To increase the diversity of the Penn State Harrisburg applicant pool.
  • To provide personal and social development of the group's members and current Penn State Harrisburg students through group interaction.
  • To provide a positive image for Penn State Harrisburg related to diversity and inclusion.
  • To make all students and visitors feel welcome and included in our campus community.
  • To enhance student involvement in the campus community.
  • To provide student support to the Office of Multicultural Recruitment.

Officers for 2013:

  • Kyah Hawkins, President,
  • Bianca Kerselius, Vice President
  • Samorah Jean-Phillipe, Secretary
  • Joshlyn Johnson, Treasurer
  • Creisson Soni, Event Coordinator,
Barbara Thompson and Joanna Williams
Contact E-mail: