Student Service Desk

Student Service Desk

Phone: 717-948-6412


Location: Olmsted Building, lower level, just outside the Computer Labs and Room 102, Library

The Penn State Harrisburg ITS Student Service Desk is a free service provided for any enrolled students.  If you have any questions or problems regarding the technology found on-campus, please feel free to stop by the service desk.  Additionally, if you are having any issues with personal devices, such as laptops, phones, or tablets, we can provide assistance.

Residential students: see the "Residence Halls" section lower on this page.

Accounts & Passwords

Please refer to the Accounts and Passwords page.

New Student Guide to Technology at PSH

ITS offers a clean, clear, step-by-step, online Getting Started Guide for new students, specifically targeted towards students at the Harrisburg campus. This should answer most of your questions, and will lead you through the process of activating accounts, getting on Angel, learning about your email, etc.

Kiosk Stations

Kiosk stations are strategically placed around campus in case you need to check email, print something quickly, or perform an online search.

Kiosk Locations
Building Location
Olmsted 1st Floor Front Lobby
2nd Floor Center Lobby
3rd Floor Center Lobby
Town Square
EAB 1st Floor & 2nd Floor
TL Front Lobby
Swatara Lobby at Registrar's Office
CUB Rear Lobby

Student Lounges

Student lounges are available to students to work on individual projects or in small groups. They offer comfortable seating and a wide range of IT solutions.

Lounge Locations
Building Location
Olmsted C8 - Lower Level
2nd Floor East Lobby
Library Cyber Cafe - Open 254x7
Educ Act 121

Printing in the Computer Labs

Printing in the Computer Labs is managed through the Classroom and Lab Computing (CLC) organization at University Park. Complete information is available from CLC Printing Services.

Printing Locations
Building Location
Olmsted Rooms C12-C15 (Basement Labs)
Room W117 (Learning Center)
2nd and 3rd Floor Lobby
Library Cyber Cafe
Room 102, 106, 108, and 109
Educ Act 121
Other Outside Registrar’s Office (Swatara Building)
Room 109 Eng (Engineering Lab)
Rear Lobby (Capital Union Building)


A remote printer is available in the Library Cyber Cafe.  This allows you to connect wirelessly from your laptop and print documents.

Residence Halls

Notice: Computers running Windows XP are blocked on Penn State networks, as of June 1, 2014. Contact the Student Service Desk for more information.

Wifi is available to students in the Residence Halls. Important notes:

  • Use of personal wireless routers are not permitted in wireless buildings.
  • Wireless printers, gaming consoles (including hand held), Windows and Blackberry phones, streaming devices like Chromecast, Roku, wireless portions of Apple TV or Time Capsules, and some Nook devices do not have the capabilities to connect to our secured Enterprise wireless networks. Some may be connected using a wired connection.
  • Use a USB printer cable to connect a printer to your computer and the wireless capability of your wireless printer must be turned off.
  • Connect a gaming console with a wired Ethernet connection. 
  • Wired connections are also available but only one device can be registered to a specific port at a time. If you would like to connect multiple devices in your room you may use a wired router. All routers must be registered and setup by service desk employees. Please contact the service desk at 717-948-6188.

Please refer to Residence Life for more information on policies and procedures.


Our Wireless page will get you started using your laptop, tablet, or phone on campus. Instructions are also available in several other languages


Penn State Webmail is the major e-mail client used by any enrolled student attending the Pennsylvania State University.  You may access the messages on the official website at  However, mail settings on a variety of devices and clients can be configured to view your WebMail messages.

Before viewing your WebMail to mail client on a handheld device, you must enroll in the IMAP service.  Once you have accepted the terms of the service, it may take up to one business day before your messages begin to appear on your device.  This includes both old and new messages.  Please visit the IMAP enrollment page and sign into your Penn State account to complete the process.


If you would like to restore your computer to factory settings, employees at the ITS Student Service Desk are able to complete this process for you.

Sometimes, a block may be placed on your Internet connection to any PSU networks when using personal devices.  This is typically due to a violation of one of the Internet use policies maintained by the Pennsylvania State University.  In order to lift the block on your account, the original laptop or device must be reformatted (reinstallation of the operating system).

If you need to reformat your laptop, please stop by the service desk located in the lower level of the Olmsted building.  Be sure to bring the charging cable for your device and all install disks.

When performing a reformat, any personal files will be erased during the operating system reinstallation.  You may backup your files beforehand by using a flash drive or external hard drive.  However, you also have the option to request that we save any important files (such as documents, pictures, and videos) for you.  The information will be stored in a secure locker at the Olmsted service desk and transfer back to your laptop after the reformat process is complete.

Join the Service Desk

If you are an enrolled student who is looking for an internship or work experience in an information technology environment, working at the ITS Student Service Desk is a potential option.

  • Apply for a Student Service Desk Operator position at PSU Jobs