Those wishing to study English at Penn State Harrisburg have two options of study: general English and secondary education English.

The general English option is a broad-based program for the student who desires to study English in depth. In this option, the study of language, literature, and writing provides a foundation upon which many occupational skills can be developed. 

The secondary education English option will prepare students to teach English and the Humanities in secondary schools grades 7 to 12. English and Humanities teachers will be required to study and instruct the history and study of language, English, American and world literature, written and oral composition, drama, speech communications, literary criticism, techniques of research in the field of English, writing, and relationships of English to other fields of knowledge.

The program offers students the opportunity to study literature in an interdisciplinary context where the relationships among literature and art, history, music, philosophy, media, and American Studies can be investigated.

Courses are offered in the areas of American, British, and world literatures, emphasizing their cultural and historical contexts, as well as teaching students to interpret them from a variety of critical perspectives.

Small classes in both creative and expository writing encourage students to develop their writing skills by working closely with award-winning faculty. 

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Graduate or Postbaccalaureate Certificate