Communications at Penn State Harrisburg fosters collaboration among students and directly with faculty with a curriculum that is innovative and flexible and a faculty that is highly respected in academia and within local community arts and non-profit organizations.

The small class size, high technology labs, and flexibility provide strong support for individual portfolio development.

The interdisciplinary program combines practical, professional instruction with critical and cultural examinations of mass media. Penn State Harrisburg’s interdisciplinary and theoretical approach is designed to enable students to understand the contextual relationships between contemporary media and ethics, history, drama, and art, as well as the mechanics of emerging information technologies.

Through baccalaureate and master’s programs, Communications at Penn State Harrisburg provides the opportunity for students to prepare for a variety of leadership positions in a number of career fields.

With a multidisciplinary, international core faculty with real-world professional experience, the program integrates national and international views on history, culture, and society, and represents a distinctly global perspective.

The program’s location in the Pennsylvania state capital region and its proximity to major metropolitan areas and prominent public and private institutions present students with opportunities for internships and field experiences that provide valuable context for the development of thesis projects.

Academic Offerings