Assessment: Bachelor of Humanities in English

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Goal  1: Appreciate and understand an extensive range of literature.
    • Objective 1.1:  Identify and interpret literary texts from different eras of British, American, and world literature.
  • Goal 2: Have developed an understanding of different composing processes.
    • Objective 2.1: Write analytical and interpretive essays.
    • Objective 2.2: Write an essay that incorporates scholarly research.
  • Goal 3: Have developed an understanding of research methods and findings in literary studies.
    • Objective 3.1:  Evaluate and interpret the scholarship in literature.
    • Objective 3.2:  Identify and explain the different methods of interpretation in literary study.
  • Goal 4: Use writing, speaking, and observing as major forms of inquiry, reflection, and expression.
    • Objective 4.1: Write analytical and interpretive essays.
    • Objective 4.2: Write an essay that incorporates scholarly research.
    • Objective 4.3: Prepare and give an oral report on a selected topic.

Secondary Education Option: Students in the undergraduate Teacher Education Program are expected to meet each of the competencies in the areas of (a) Child Development, Cognition, and Learning, (b) Subject Matter Content and Pedagogy, (c) Assessment, (d) Family and Community Collaboration Partnerships, (e) Professionalism, (f) Accommodations and Adaptations for Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Settings, and (g) Accommodations and Adaptations for English Language Learners.