Certificate Program in Global Studies

The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Studies is designed for students seeking to enhance their international learning and demonstrate that learning to others. Preparing students for global citizenship and global leadership, the program is built upon two required courses and provides a broad array of supporting course options.

Who Should Enroll

This 15-credit certificate program is open to any undergraduate student in any program or DUS. Both full- and part-time students are eligible, as are non-degree students.

It is intended for students who wish to expand their awareness of global issues, connections, and cultures.  It also encourages students to develop advanced competence in a foreign language and to consider travel abroad as a part of their university experience. Certificate courses can count also toward any category of a student’s degree program (first year seminar, general education, IL requirement, major, electives). All students should consult their academic advisers to develop an individual plan to incorporate the certificate requirements into their major.

How to Enroll

Students intending to complete the certificate must complete and submit the Application for Certificate Completion to the Penn State Harrisburg Office of the Registrar. Upon completion of all course requirements listed below, students must notify the Office of the Registrar by emailing hbgregistrar@psu.edu. The completed certificate will be noted on the student’s official Penn State transcript.

Requirements for the Certificate Program

Required Courses (6 credits):

  • Foundation course: INTST 100 or INTST 100S (GS, IL), Introduction to International Studies (3 credits)
    or PL SC 014 (GS, IL), International Relations.
  • Capstone course: CAS 271 (US, IL), Intercultural Communication (3 credits).
    Introduction to intercultural communication. Focus on topics such as language, identity, prejudice, and intergroup relations on a domestic/ international level.

Supporting Courses (9 credits):

Take 9 credits chosen from at least two of the five categories listed below.  Some courses appear in more than one category; in these cases, they may count toward fulfilling only one category. Courses potentially relevant but not listed here require approval of the Global Studies coordinator to be counted toward the certificate.

Category A: World history, geography, and politics:

  • GEOG 040 (GS; IL), World Regional Geography
  • GEOG 128 (GS; IL), Geography of International Affairs
  • HIST 001 (GH, IL), Western Heritage I
  • HIST 002 (GH, IL), Western Heritage II
  • HIST 010 (GH; IL), World History I
  • HIST 011 (GH; IL), World History II
  • HIST 120 (GS; IL), Europe since 1848
  • HIST 141 (GH; IL), Medieval and Modern Russia
  • HIST142 (GS; IL), History of Communism
  • HIST 165 (IL), Introduction to Islamic Civilization
  • HIST 173 (GH; IL), Vietnam in War and Peace
  • HIST 174 (GH; IL), History of Traditional East Asia
  • HIST 175 (GH; IL), History of Modern East Asia
  • HIST 176 (GH, IL), Survey of Indian History
  • HIST 178 (GH, IL), Latin American History to 1820
  • HIST 179 (GH; IL), Latin American History since 1820
  • HIST 181 (GH, IL), Introduction to the Middle East
  • HIST 191 (GH, IL), Early African History
  • HIST 192 (GH, IL), Modern African History
  • HIST 320, Contemporary World History and Issues
  • PL SC 003 (GS; IL), Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PL SC / WMNST 428 (US, IL), Gender and Politics
  • PL SC 442, American Foreign Policy
  • PL SC 453 (IL), Underdeveloped Systems
  • PL SC 455, Governments and Politics of Western Europe
  • PL SC 456, Political Institutions of Latin America
  • PL SC 467, International Relations of the Middle East
  • PL SC 487, International Law and Organizations

Category B: Cross-cultural communications and world arts:

  • A & A 100 (GA; IL), Introduction to International Arts
  • ART H 111 (GA; IL), Ancient to Medieval Art
  • ART H 112 (GA; IL), Renaissance to Modern Art
  • ART H 120 (GA; IL), Asian Art and Architecture
  • ART H 201 (GA; IL), Ancient to Medieval Architecture
  • ART H 423 (IL), Studies in Italian Renaissance Art
  • ART H 429 (IL), Studies in Baroque Art
  • ART H 435 (IL), Studies in Modern Art
  • COMM 350 (IL), Comparative Media Cultures
  • I HUM 150 (GA; IL), World Mythologies in the Arts
  • MUSIC 009 (GA; IL), Introduction to World Music

Category C: World cultures, literatures, and belief systems:

  • B A 364Y (US/IL), International Business and Society
  • CMLIT 108 (GH; IL), Mythology
  • CMLIT 110 (GH; US/IL), Jewish Literature:  An International Perspective
  • CMLIT 153 (GH; IL), International Literature and Film
  • ENGL 221, British Literature to 1798
  • ENGL 222, British Literature from 1798
  • ENGL 454, Modern British and Irish Drama
  • ENGL 486 (IL), World Novel in English
  • GER 100 (GH, IL), German Culture and Civilization
  • I HUM 410 (IL), Religion and Culture
  • PHIL 007 (GH; IL), Asian Philosophy
  • RL ST 001 (GH; US/IL), World Religions
  • RL ST 101 (GH; IL), Comparative Religion
  • RL ST 103 (GS; US/IL), Introduction to Hinduism
  • RUS 100 (GH; IL), Russian Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 130 (GH; IL), Iberian Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 132 (GH; US/IL), Ibero-American Culture and Civilization

Category D: Diversity courses:

  • AAA S 102 (WMNST 102) (GH;IL),Women of Color: Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • CMLIT 005 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to Literatures of the Americas
  • CMLIT 101 (GH;US;IL), Race, Gender, and Identity in World Literature
  • CMLIT 110 (GH;US;IL), Jewish Literature: An International Perspective
  • COMM 419 (US;IL), World Media Systems
  • ENGL 182A (GH;US;IL), Literature and Empire
  • GEOG 020 (GS;US;IL), Human Geography: An Introduction
  • GEOG 120 (GS;US;IL), Urban Geography: A Global Perspective
  • HIST 144 (GH;US;IL), The World at War: 1939-1945
  • HIST 211 (AAA S 211) (GH;US;IL), The Emergence and Evolution of the Black Diaspora in the Atlantic World
  • HIST 419 (WMNST 419) (US;IL), The History of Feminist Thought
  • IST 341 (US;IL), Human Diversity in the Global Information Technology
  • LARCH 065 (GA;US;IL), Built Environment and Culture
  • PL SC 123 (GS;US;IL), Ethnic and Racial Politics
  • PL SC 428 (WMNST 428) (US;IL), Gender and Politics
  • PSYCH 232 (GS;US;IL), Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • RL ST 001 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to World Religions
  • RL ST(GH;US;IL), Introduction to the Religions of the East
  • RL ST 004 (CAMS 004, J ST 004) (GH;US;IL), Jewish and Christian Foundations
  • RL ST 103 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to Hinduism
  • RL ST 104 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to Buddhism
  • RL ST 107 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to Islam
  • RL ST 110 (CAMS 110, J ST 110) (GH;US;IL), Hebrew Bible: Old Testament
  • SPAN 131 (GH;US;IL)  Ibero-American Civilization
  • THEA 208 (AAA S 208) (GA;US;IL), Workshop: Theatre in Diverse Cultures
  • WMNST 001 (GS;US;IL), Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WMNST 003 (GH;US;IL), Introduction to Women, the Humanities, and the Arts

Category E: Advanced foreign language acquisition and/or international travel/study abroad:

  • Advanced foreign language acquisition course such as SPAN 110, Intermediate Conversation
  • International travel course or study abroad, for example:
    • B A x99, Foreign Studies
    • EDUC 499, Foreign Studies
    • I HUM 499, Foreign Studies
    • I B 299, Foreign Studies
    • INART x99, Foreign Studies
    • L A x99, Foreign Studies
    • PL SC 199, Foreign Studies
    • PL SC 499, Foreign Study – Government
    • CRIMJ 199, Foreign Studies

Total: 15 Credits