Arts & Humanities

Arts and Humanities at Penn State Harrisburg covers a wide spectrum of humanities disciplines, helping students appreciate, understand, and interpret relationships among the arts, ideas, media, and values that have shaped Western and world cultures.  This in turn helps these students become more responsible, productive members of their family and community.

The School of Humanities helps students meet these goals by offering a range of interdisciplinary and discipline-based courses in the arts, art history, communication studies, English, history, literature, music, philosophy, religious studies, theatre, and writing.

Students are able to shape their own program within Arts and Humanities, crossing boundaries to explore exciting and challenging interdisciplinary connections, all led by award-winning faculty pursuing unique research topics.

Internship opportunities are also available within the areas of writing, research, and creativity, and Arts and Humanities also offers students several ways to get involved in the discipline. 

Academic Offerings





Graduate or Postbaccalaureate Certificate