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William McCormick (1866-1923) was the son of James McCormick and Mary W. Alricks. He remained unmarried all of his life, in the McCormicks' stately mansion on Harrisburg's Susquehanna Riverfront. His siblings were Herman and Mary-Kerr McCormick, both of whom died in infancy, and Eliza Finney, the only one of her immediate family to marry, and Henry, Donald, James and Robert McCormick, all four of whom were bachelors.

William, a graduate of Yale University, was a journalist, working in Boston Philadelphia and Allentown, before finally purchasing Reading newspapers, the Herald and the Telagram, and acting as both editor and publisher of the News-Times. A lifelong philanthropist with a keen interest in the welfare of children, he was also a teacher at the Burnham Industrial Farms in Canaan, New York, early in his career, and completed social work for boys. Interestingly, William managed to combine his journalistic/writing talents and his interest in the welfare of children, as well, penning a number of children's books under the name of George Gordon.

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