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  • National Monthly Magazine - Vance on the cover of the National Monthly magazine, July, 1914

  • Democratic Textbook, a 430-page publication, shaped to fit in one's breast pocket. Published in 1912.
    Front cover
    Back cover

  • "Vance McCormick: Country Gentleman": Full page article from The Countryside, January, 1917. With photos. By Charles G. Miller.

  • "Vote For Public Improvement" (actual headline is improvements) Sung to the tune of "marching through Georgia," complete with "Hurrah! Hurrah!" s, by George F. Ross, exact date unknown. Preserved in Vance's "Mark Twain" scrapbook, which is filled with his campaign articles.

  • "Don't Give the City a Black Eye," (no author credited). This article was preserved in Vance McCormick's Mark Twain scrapbook: "The voters hold the fate of the city in their hands! What will they do?..." Preserved in Vance's "Mark Twain" scrapbook, which is filled with his campaign articles.

  • "Men Made by the War": a newspaper article by columnist Jane Dixon, who calls Vance McCormick a "gold spoon baby" who "stiffened up and gathered strength.

  • "It Will Be A Clean Fight": An article from The Independent, July 10, 1916, outlining the race between William R. Willcox and Vance McCormick for Chair of campaign chair.

  • "Vance McCormick Hit Republican Line Hard" - Newspaper article from 1916

  • Contemporary biographical article about Vance McCormick. Publication and date unknown.

  • Newspaper including a caricature of Vance

  • Publications/cartoon
    political cartoon of Vance McCormick: "You'd never guess he had $500,000"

  • "The Awakening of Harrisburg"
    Published By the American Civic Association on February 1914, and written by J. Horace McFarland, President, this booklet cost just ten cents in its day.

  • Political cartoon of Vance - "President Wilson picked Vance McCormick"

  • Contemporary biographical article

  • Article from the Democratic Watchman, Bellefonte, PA, June 23, 1916

  • Article from the Pittsburgh Post, March 1, 1906, announcing McCormick's possible candidacy for Governor. With picture.

  • Campaign writings from the PA Anti-Saloon League.
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

  • Cover of the Yale Alumni Weekly, published November 11, 1911.

  • Yale Alumni Weekly, 1907

  • Sample page of the Yale Alumni Weekly. This was published in Vance's junior year, and pictures him as a halfback on the football team. The next year, he was quarterback, and captain of the team.

  • A certificate decreeing that the War Trade Board has been dissolved. Dated June 30, 1919, and signed by the Secretary of the War Trade Board. Complete with bright red ribbon seal. Vance was Chairman of the War Trade Board.

  • Article: "Smashing The Home Front"
    Page 1
    Page 2

  • A booklet by Dean Hoffman, published in January, 1919 (revised December 1926), telling the story of the War Trade Board. Includes cover and sample pages, mentioning Vance's role

  • Page of a campaign book, written by Vance to outline his "appeal for a United Democracy," and his own platform.

  • Campaign Book and Political Guide
    Includes Portrait of Vance McCormick (SEE PAGE 1 -campaign book 1), POLITICAL CARTOONS,
    published by Democratic State Central Committee, Harrisburg Pennsylvania, 1914: with "here are the facts" Emblazoned on the cover and an inspirational brief essay on the inside cover that extolled the meaning of democracy, laid out by none other by Woodrow Wilson.

  • Cover, Democratic Textbook
    Woodrow Wilson's picture on cover, price is 25 cents. Issued by the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee. Published in 1912, its primary consideration is the tariff. Example: [The American woman] pays at least 50 cents, and often 65, for a seamless cotton and silk lisle stocking of mercerized cotton top, double heel, sole and toe, with eight-inch top, and boot made from Japanese silk. It costs to manufacture this stocking in an American mill, operating at 95 per cent, efficiently, 22 84-100 cents per pair. The mill sells them to jobbers at 29 58-100 cents and the jobber to the retailer at 35 41-100 cents a pair. Total labor cost per pair, 3-11-100 cents. Import duty per pair, 13 33-100 cents. The duty is 4 28-100 times the total labor cost." (These statistics are accompanied by an eye-catching photo of a young lady's ankles. A few other articles - such as a young the taxes attached to a young woman's graduation gown - are similarly advertised, but most are dryly accompanied by charts, if accompanied at all.)

  • Napoleon's Legion book, presented to Vance McCormick, and bearing his name. Vance received the Legion of Honor.

  • "McCormick's Pledge to the Progressives": from an address to Washington Party State Copmmittee, September 16, 1914.

  • Paragraph about Vance's work for farmers - part of an outline of his entire platform - that includes a wonderfully apt illustrated letter of his name.


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