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Prominent Family Members

Anne McC
Annie Criswell McC
Donald McC
Eliza McC
Henry McC
Henry McC II
Henry B. McC
James McC
James McC, Jr.
James McC, Sr.
Mary McC

Robert McC
Vance McC
William McC

Clara Alricks
Hamilton Alricks
Herman Alricks
Mary Alricks

Simon Cameron

Other McCormicks



To see the photos, click on the highlighted descriptions.

3-piece suit - Vance McCormick looking distinguished in a 3-piece suit

Vance in a double-breasted suit, in another campaign-worthy photo, looking to the right

A dapper Vance, hands in his jacket pockets, in 1906
Affectionately Yours
- A slightly older Vance. Picture is signed, "Affectionately yours."

Vance in a car, on the campaign trail

Vance as a child, from a photo album with this inscribed in the first page: "presented to Eliza McCormick by her children on her seventieth birthday, March 1876".

Photo of Economic Advisors to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace
Hotel Crillon, 4 Place de la Concorde, Paris, Seine, France, April 11, 1919

Entrance to Vance's house. Photo from article that appeared in The Countryside, January, 1917.

Photo of Vance at the Hogestown Cattle Show, where he judged livestock. From an article that appeared in The Countryside, January, 1917.

A collage from the Hogestown Cattle Show, founded by Vance, and where he judged livestock

Vance, posed for a magazine article.

Sign for the governorship campaign declaring that Vance "stands for clean, honest and progressive government"

A young Vance leaning against a fence on the McCormick estate

Portrait of Vance as a boy

The McCormick siblings dress up

The McCormick cousins dress up

Vance's grammar school picture


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