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From the President to Vance
White House Telegrams
From Vance to the President

Government: Other
Organizations: Other


Presidential: To Vance

From Woodrow Wilson, 11/13/16: "My dear McCormick: The first letter I write from my desk here must be to you. It makes me deeply glad to think how the whole country has seen and appreciated your quality."

From Woodrow Wilson, 1/14/20 - A copy of a letter, 1/4/20, from Ruth Blling Wilson, inviting Vance to lunch with the President to have "popovers, as in the good old fighting days."

A copy of a letter from Woodrow Wilson, 6/15/21. "So many interesting things are happening nowadays that I find myself missing more than ever the little talks we used to have."

A letter from President and Mrs. Wilson, 12/25/21, thanking Vance McCormick for the flowers he sent to them for Christmas.

A letter of condolence that President Wilson wrote after the death of Vance McCormick's mother, dated March 31, 1922. One of the most lengthy, heartfelt letters in the Presidential collection.

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White House Telegrams

A Western Union telegram from the Wilsons to the McCormicks, dated December 24, 1921, wishing him a Merry Christmas. (original document)

A telegram from Woodrow Wilson to Vance McCormick thanking him for his birthday message: "I feel honored by your friendship and confidence."

A telegram from Secretary John Randolph Bolling, asking Vance to be a pallbearer at President Wilson's funeral. Dated February 3, 1924.

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From Vance
A copy of a memo in Vance's handwriting, written on the back of a letter from Mrs. Wilson, dated January 14, 1920, describing his luncheon with Mrs. Wilson, in which he turned down the position of Secretary of the Interior.

A letter from Vance to the President, 6/18/21, in which he proves his impeccable manners/thoughtfulness: "During your illness I hesitated to intrude because I know when one is not well even the calls of one intimate friend may prove embarrassing…"

A letter from Vance to Mrs. Wilson on July 16, 1921. As in many letter, he sends warmest; regards from his mother and sister, evidencing a relationship between the Wilson and McCormick families.

A business letter arranging a meeting, from Vance McCormick to President Wilson

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Government: Other

A telegram in 1916 from W.G. McAdoo On behalf of the Presidential campaign. "I congratulate you with all of my soul…"

A letter from John J. Pershing, General of the Armies, dated January 15, 1921.

A letter from John J. Pershing, American Expeditionary Forces Office of the Commander in Chief, Dated 1/5/20

A letter from Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, dated 3/2/21

From Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War, on November 11, 1916: "You must be very happy and you ought to be."

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Organizations: Other

Letter from the N.S.D.A.R., June 12, 1924

Letter from the Appletons' Cyclopedia of American Biography, December 1, 1914.

Request from the Cyclopedia publication dated 1918.

Appletons' Cyclopedia of American Biography biographical form, filled out in Vance's handwriting.
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