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Almanacs and Books
  Publications collected, or written, by members of the McCormick family
  Poems, Elegies, Ledgers, IOUs, and more...

Almanacs and Books

A crate full of almanacs was saved by James McCormick. We have scanned reppresentative pages and covers here, to offer a feel for the times in which the McCormick family lived, and the materials which they read, and cherished enough to save.

  • Article about Co Odd Fellows' Building (Pittsburgh PA) : lists names of lodges, meetings, rates of postage in foreign countries, names of postmasters. (first edition in 1860)

  • Infomative article about Witchcraft, from 1830

  • Article explaining mode of adjusting lightning rods, by professor Olmstead of Yale College. This is followed by a short article suggesting that a patient suffering a case of a sore throat should wrap a scarf around his throat, and pouring oil down that same throat. Written in 1832.

  • Tattooing advice by a Mr. Mardsen, given to natives of New Zealand ("don't tattoo your son; he is too handsome.") 1832.


  • Elegy for Wm McCormick
    "As he fell from his wagon, while at work in the filed, one of the wheels passed over his head, and he soon expired…O save the muse from such a painful theme, let me awake, and find it but a dream.
    He left twin children, 1801. Margaret, who died in Harrisburg unmarried and James who died in Harrisburg..."

    At its conclusion, the elegy says: "Poem copied from 'Poems on various subjects' by Isabella Oliver of Cumberland County, PA, Printed by A. Loudon, Carlisle, 1805. At that time, Isabella Oliver lived on the next farm North on the Canadaguinet Creek, now owned by W. Houston Eckels."

  • Ledger showing articles purchased by Margery McCormick, administrator of the William McCormick financial estate. It includes enigmatic items, such as a sword, for $6, as well as more common items, such as 6 yards of woolen cloth ($6), "lot of books." 5.65. You will also see large quantities of grains and a lot of whiskey, as they they had a still. The total on this page is $413.1/2, On the final page, it is $1600.22

  • An IOU from Wm. Jameson, David Bell to James McCormick, from 1809, with handwritten seal.


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