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Prominent Family Members

Anne McC
Annie Criswell McC
Donald McC
Eliza McC
Henry McC
Henry McC II
Henry B. McC
James McC
James McC, Jr.
James McC, Sr.
Mary McC

Robert McC
Vance McC
William McC

Clara Alricks
Hamilton Alricks
Herman Alricks
Mary Alricks

Simon Cameron

Other McCormicks


  • To Mrs. Henry Buehler from Hannah Mahanoy:
    "he looks quite bewitching with his new black and brown hat"

  • Eliza Buehler to Henry McCormick, describing day-to-day news, such as the food bought at market, and the welfare of one's foot.

  • Henry Buehler to Eliza Buehler saying her New York letter just arrived. "I am mortified to think that you have not received any of my letters." Says that he lets others read them but one friend "read it for his wife, and they both together whilst here the other evening said some very pretty things, about somebody's happy talent of letter writing"

  • Eliza McCormick to Henry B. October 23, 1843, noting that she was visiting the city from the Merchant's Hotel
    with a group of "Harrisburgers," and taking a little time between sights to write

  • To HR from Eliza Buehler (his sister), thanking him for the piano and assuring him that if they visit they "will not disturb you with the temporal concerns of our church; enough to say they are making another effort this winter to collect the means, and fortunately they are not confining their efforts to temporal building, for, at the Wednesday meeting those who were present covenanted to walk closer with God"
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    Page 2

  • Elisa to her brother, discussing the death of Fanny, which she heard of through John Wolf
    Page 1
    Page 2

  • Elisa Buehler to brother, July 29, 1856: "the cottage seems pleasant on account of the convenience of the baths"
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  • Letter from Eliza, remarking about Harrisburg: "Market street seems as populous as ever, and if we may judge from the numbers … on Tuesday and Friday evenings, carrying loaded baskets, the health and appetites of the people do not suffer."
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  • Envelope and letter from S.A & W. S. Purviance, Attorneys at Law 94 Diamond Street, Pittsburgh, to Mrs. Eliza McCormick after father's death, January, 1870
    Letter, page 1
    Letter, page 2

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