Nashville, Tenn.[essee], August 8th 1865

Dear Father

I have been expecting a letter from home for some days but have been disappointed to date.

On the 5th I sent in my resignation to take effect on the 15th but have not yet received any answer. I hoped to get to Clarksville this week but the Clerk who signs checks in my absence is away. Orders have arrived for the RRd [Railroad Department] to be transferred to the Civil Authorities and the Office can not continue long. If I had company I think I would go home by way of augusta and Savannah taking a Steamer at the latter place. If my resignation is accepted I will go to Clarksville on th e15th or 16th. Capt[ain] Wickersham of Lancaster is chief Ass[istant] Q[uarter] M[aster] of the Dep[ar]t[ment] of Tenn[essee] and if I choose to go to Agusta he could give me a situation, but the weather is too warm. I am not acquainted with him, but with Mr. Song, a clerk in this Office. Their family lived formerly in Balto [Baltimore] and he knows the Alricks' there. They now reside in Carlisle. His Father is an officer in the Navy and has been for years. His Brother is secretary to the President and this one here took the Pres'[ident's] family to Washington a short time ago. He is nephiw of Major Gen[era]l Donaldson Chief Q[uarter] M[aster] of the whole Dep[ar]t[ment] commanded by Thomas. He says if I ever wish any situation under the Gov[ernmen]t write him.

The mosquitoes here are very numerous and I think have learned Army tactice, as far as conrentation [?] is concerned any how.
We are all enjoying good health and look a little gloomy at the prospects for us all sepapating. My room mate has been with me or in the same office since Dec[ember] 1862.

My love to all,

Yours most truly
H Alricks Jr


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