Nashville, Tenn.[essee]

August 1st 1865
Dear Father

A few days ago I received your letter in which you seemed to think it advisable for me to start home at once. I would like to do so, but business is so brisk that I am unable to get off and then the Captain expects me to help pay off the great number of Rolls on hand and I think I will have to make the Pay Car trip before leaving, then again ti is necessary to give ten days notice. If the Car does not start before the 15th I shall. I wish I could be home to show Miss Boggs around. Today the sun has been extremely warm. It is reported and I think it probable that the RR [Rail Road] Dept ordered to be turned over either to the Company or State. Men are being Discharged at the rate of about fifty per day. I want to get to Clarksville if the Railroad is opened or the River not too low. I feel quite well now and there does not seem to be much sickness about.

Give my love to all

Yours most truly
H Alricks Jr


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