Nashville July 10th

Dear Father

I received a letter from you yesterday but when written you had not received my long letter giving an account of the trip. I expect to start for Athens in a few minutes and as soon as we return start at once for Johnsonville on the Tennessee River.

If you should see me you would laugh at my "octoroonish"[sic] appearance as I have what the Boys at home used to call the "yeller Jangers" (Jaundice), and I am the color of a maple or oak table. My eyes are of a golden hue. One of the clerks persuaded me to go to a Homeopathic Physician and I think he is curing me. I have not been sick in bed a day from it.

The weather has been extremely hot, though just now it is raining hard.

Write often

My love to all

Yours most truly
Hamilton Alricks


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