Stevenson Ala June 26
Dear Father

Yesterday I received yours of the 18th [?]. We left Nashville the 21st up to this date have expended $30,000 and paid some 600 men. I have no good opportunity of writing as when the Cars stop I am busy and when they are going can not write. We leave for Chattanooga in about ten minutes. This is a beautiful Country we now in sight of the Tennessee River and the Sand Mountains. The Rail Roads in this country seem to follow the shape of the surface of the ground and not have long grades like we have East. The sight we had just coming over the Dauphin Mountains was grand.

A M Bridgeport
We just now crossed the Tennessee River twice. Blackberries are so thick, we got tired of them.

June 27th 1865

Here we are in front of old Lookout whose top we expect to be on this afternoon if we get time. I received orders to proceed to Knoxville and suppose we can go this afternoon.

All well. Much love to all.

Yours most truly
H. Alricks

Write often


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