Nashville, Tenn.[essee], June 17th 1865

Dear Father

Though I have not heard from you for a week I write now not knowing when I shall have time again to write. Capt[ain] Crilly receiving no more Stores did not need any GW Agents so he placed me in charge of Room No.5 where men come to sign the Pay Rolls. I have to oversee the work, examine "Power of Attorney" and countersign the check for their money I also have charge of the Pay Car, a magnificently furnished car with Kitchen, Dining Room, Sleeping Room and Office in it. It is used to pay the men along the roads. About day after tomorrow I leave with it for Chattanooga, Knoxville, Stevenson, Deccatur, Huntsville and other points along the Military R.Rds in the South and perhaps over to Johnsonville on the Tennessee River expecting to return in from twenty five to thirty days. The Roads being good and the people very friendly I expect to have a pleasant trip. Seven others and a train guard accompany me. I relieve a Mr. Thatcher returns to New York. I would not miss the trip for a great deal and only wish you were along to see the five country and great Battle Fields as well as the curiosities like the Caves and Peaks of Lookout Mountain and Rivers like the Stone River and Lu Lah Lake.

The Road to Clarksville is about completed and then the Car may go down there when I shall see Mr. Elder. Yesterday was the warmest day of the season but the five rains of today cooled the air. We are all well. The Company Jim Boyd is in expect to leave today for Texas.

Write often as your letters will be forwarded to me as I telegraph to the office from all stopping places. Much love to all, I remain

Yours most truly
Hamilton Alricks Jr

I will write as often as possible of all incidents of the trip.


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