Nashville, Tenn.[esse], May 25th, 1865

Dear Father

Though Railroad communications with the North have been restored I have not rec[eive]d a letter from home yet, but hope by tonight to be the recipient of one.

Rebels continue to pour through here in large numbers. The other day a Kentucky Brigade, Jeff Davis' Body Guard arrived. They all had the specia [sic] that Jeff divided among them and they paid for all they got, dollar for dollar so the town has quite a lot on hand. I have handled large quantities of it-but so far have been unable to procure any to keep as a memento of the divided spoils of the -Rebellion. The majority of the coin is of Mexican Dollars that have the appearance of never having been circulation. The American Dollars-halves and quarters are of the same appearance though of the date of 1859. The question is, where did Jeff get the Mexican money, as the Government had done away with that coin some time before the war. Did it come from Mexico for his use or-not. I will try and procure some.

Nothing of much interest has occured. [sic] Today is wet and disagreeable, with but little business, in our line being done. Capt[ain] Crilly has not returned yet.

I would like to hear from Cally occasionally and she might send a -Photograph of herself or Martie, if any on hand. Much love to all the family. I remain

Yours most truly

Hamilton Alricks Jr

Has any person heard from Rock Smith lately? Our healths are good.



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