Nashville April 25th
Dear Father,

I rec[eive]d yours of the 20th today. It seems too provoking after writing so many letters home to hear that they have not been received. I wrote the day before I went off also on the day then from Memphis, the day after I returned and this makes the fourth since I have been back, one was to Callie. The last one contained a list of things I wanted sent out in a Box by Express. If the list has not come to hand please let me know. I need the coat very much and wanted it at once. I sent Callie a description here and she could make one in a few minutes. Called "Butterfly neck-tie" [the author added a little makeshift drawing of the specified tie]

The water in the River is falling rapidly. The trees and fields look green and the weather is warm. I wrote you a long description of my trip. About Mr. Elder, of the scenery and all that was interesting. The Boat stopped for a few minutes at Clarksville and I did not get to see Mr.E. though I learned a great deal about [letter ends abruptly at this point].



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