Nashville, Tenn.[essee], April 20th 1865
Dear Father

I have not received any letters from home since my returen. Yesterday we had a grand procession here. Some estimate the number in line at 60,000. Capt[ain] Crilly requested the clerks to parade. I was out and I suppose marching in the sun brought on diarrhea again, though I feel better this evening. This morning I heard there is to be a large expedition to start from Little Rock Ark. [sic] in the course of a couple of months for Texas. I do hope Capt[ain] Eddy or Capt[ain] Crilly will go and I can accompany them for some of our clerks know all of that part of the Country "throughily." [sic] I saw the following Generals in procession yesterday. Thomas, Rousseau, Miller, Palmer, Donaldson, Tower, and Whipple. If you have not sent my box by Express I have some more things to add besides what I sent word to Callie so I enclose a list of Articles I wish sent. You can keep an account of the expenses and I will pay it.

The River is again up high and the City is overflowed to within a few feet of the former rise.
Give my love to all and write me soon. I hear Capt[ain] Crilly is going home to Philadelphia in a few days.

Yours Most Truly
Hamilton Alricks Jr

P.S. My appetite is what the Doctor calls a depraved condition. I feel like eating all kinds of trash.
When I come home I have about six teeth to be pluged, [sic] filled, pulled and filed.

John Elliott is a Mustering Officer at Louisville


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