Jan[uar]y 3d Nashville 1865
Dear Father

I arrived here safely with all the money last night. I found nice letters for me two from you, one of which on first opening it I supposed had been in the mail car the Guerrillas burnt some time ago. You state my letters do not come regularly I suppose the mail was not carried while the Guerrillas were burning the bridges and hovering around the line of road.

I had a very pleasant time in Cincinnati the weather was much preferable to that here, and then the difference in the condition of the streets and pavements was a sufficient cause for being satisfied with a few days change. While there I wrote to you enclosing a draft for $75. Did you receive it?

On the road up a Captain-quite a young man a military conductor after taking my ticket walked out on the platform and was climbing to the side of the baggage car when he was struck and dreadfully mashed by an old car lying on the side of the track. I think he must have soon died.

Before I started and in coming back I suffered with neuralgia in my face and side of head. I stop the pain by boiling water in a tin pail, stretching a piece of cloth over the top and holding the part affected over it so the steam heats it thoroughly. I forgot to say in any of my former letters what a beautiful country it is, about three or four miles south west of this place, where the battle was fought. The country is rolling land, with fine hills, beautiful valleys and splendid roads, and it reminds me of the Lebanon Valley scenery.

Captain Eddy has come to Cincinnati to attend a Court Ma [this section of the letter (the rest of the line) was cut out.] I have heard nothing more in regard to him being ordered to Little Rock. I rec[eive]d an invitation to Rock Smith wedding, I suppose he will be here by the tenth of this month. When we arrived here Captain Eddy promised to raise our wages for the month of November/December, [Hamilton Alricks had written November then drew a line through the word and added December] but being relieved he transferred us with an increase (five of us) on signing the Roll for that month I found I was the only one not reduced in salary. I now get $125, not much for this town however. We like Capt[ain] Crilly very well. I would not be surprised if he was sent to Savannah as he came here to join Sherman.

I see not prospect of getting a substitute here but made arrangements with a Surgeon of a Negro regiment who will do his best for me and change [sentences were cut out of the letter with scissors] has been order to Savannah and I intended to talk it over on the cars as he expected to go along with me to Cincinnati but could not get his baggage aboard. He promised to write me. He will have a better chance there than here.

My love to all

Yours affectionately,

PS The Pay car that was to be sent for us we met on the road when we came down.



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