Nashville Tenn Dec[ember] 27 1864
Dear Father

I have not received a letter from you for about three weeks. I can not understand why it is. I have no doubt you write and the only way I can account for it is by the road being destroyed between here and Louisville, but then that only remains so for a few days.

The road has been out for most a week this time, but the first train North will go tomorrow morning and I go in it to Cincinnati to draw money by draft for Capt[ain] Crilly. It is the nice sum of $927,000.00. I will have an iron safe to place it in, and a guard and special Car on my return. When I arrive at Cincinnati I will write and send you that money for RR Stock. About four weeks ago I wrote to Mary about something important to be attended to. I have never recd [received] any word in regard to it. Will you please find out if she attended to what I requested her to, and let me know. Christmas passed off quietly and rainingly. [sic] My love and a Merry New Year to all.

I remain
Yours Truly
Hamilton Alricks

P.S. Tell me what kind of Holidays they had in Harrisb[ur]g. Some of the mail trains were burned and I suppose some of your letters on the road down here. Send my slippers by Rock Smith also hair grease in my room.

I have not heard from home since long before the Battle and you must tell me what you think of my war correspondence.



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