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There is some confusion regarding the three Henrys represented in the McCormick papers. Colonel Henry McCormick (to whom we refer, here) was father to Henry B. McCormick and uncle to Henry McCormick, also his namesake, who was born several years before Henry B. The Colonel married Annie Criswell. He was also father to Anne and Vance.

Colonel Henry (b. March 10, 1831) was the eldest child of James McCormick and Eliza Buehler McCormick. A prominent figure in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we know much about him. He attended the Harrisburg academy and graduated Yale College in 1852, and although he later abandoned the practice, he studied law with his father. Henry made his mark first in the iron industry, working with the Reading furnace (Robesonia), Henry Clay and Eagle furnaces (Lancaster County), Paxtang furnaces, the nail works at Faireview (Cumberland County, PA).

An adventurer with a brave heart, he crossed the country in the days before countrywide railroads, and was a respected colonel in the Civil War.

He and Annie Criswell McCormick had these children: Henry Buehler (b. June 12, 1869 and died 1939, married, June 13, 1895, who wed to Mary Letitia Boyd, daughter of James and Louisa Yeomans Boyd and Margaret Williamson, and had no children), Vance Criswell (b. June 19, 1872 and died June 16, 1946 and married Gertrude Olmstead and had no children), Mary Cameron (b. December 18, 1873, died June 3, 1883), Isabella, born January 9, 1876, died November 29, 1879, Annie, born, March 2, 1879 and died January 9, 1964 and Hugh McCormick (died in infancy).

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