Penn State Harrisburg

Marian Walters, Ph.D.

· Associate Dean for Research and Outreach; Office of Research and Outreach
· Professor of Physiology; Science, Engineering, and Technology


Marian R. Walters, Ph.D., is associate dean for Research and Outreach (associate dean for Research and Graduate Studies; 2004-2012) and professor of physiology, at Penn State Harrisburg. As professor of physiology at Tulane Medical School (1980-2004), her research focused on biochemical endocrinology and actions of steroid and vitamin D receptors. These research projects received substantial extramural funding, principally from NIH, and resulted in over 80 research publications. Other relevant activities at Tulane included substantial experience in developing graduate programs, mentoring faculty, and assisting in promotion and tenure processes. At Penn State Harrisburg, her research initially focused on assessing issues related to graduate education. She has been the recipient of an NSF ADVANCE Award for advancement of women faculty (past), internal funding for programs for underrepresented groups (past), and an NSF Partnerships for Innovation Award to enhance commercialization of faculty discoveries for 12 participating small colleges and universities (ended August 2012).  Through these and other resources, she currently focuses on advancing the research agendas for faculty and students at Penn State Harrisburg and the collaborating institutions. Her professional service has included:  Grants Resource Center (American Association of State Colleges and Universities), Advisory Board, 2008-2010; American Physiological Society: Endocrinology and Metabolism Section Steering Committee Councillor, 1994-1998; Steering Committee Chair, 1995-1998; Nominating Committee, 1995-1998; Porter Physiology Development Committee, 1998-2000; Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine: Council, 2001-2004; Chair, Membership Committee,  2002-2004; Treasurer-Elect, 2004-06; Treasurer 2006-2008; Finance Committee, 2008-2012. 

Publications and Research

Selected Publications (from 88 total)

  • Walters, M.R.  Steroid hormone receptors and the nucleus.  Endocr. Rev. 6, 512-543 (1985).
  • Walters, M.R.  Newly identified actions of the vitamin D endocrine system.  Endocrine Rev. 13, 719-764 (1992). 
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  • Walters, M.R.  Vitamin D receptors and actions in nonclassical target tissues.  In: Encyclopedia of Hormones:  Calcium Regulating Hormones.  Henry, H.L. and Norman, A.W., eds.  Academic Press, 656-665 (2003).
  • Walters, M.R. and S. Sharma.  Cross‑talk Between β‑Adrenergic Stimulation and Estrogen Receptors: Isoproterenol Inhibits 17β‑Estradiol‑induced Gene Transcription in A7r5 Cells.  J. Cardiovasc. Pharm. 42: 266-274 (2003).
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  • Stuckey, H.L., N. Malhotra, B.A. Sims, and M.R. Walters.  Improving the Efficiency of Mail Surveys via Return Receipt Introductory Postcards. Survey Practice, June 2009 (