Penn State Harrisburg

Judith T. Witmer, Ph.D.


Dr. Witmer received her Ed.D. at Temple University and completed postdoctoral studies at Harvard Law School. She has been a consultant for the Capital Area Institute for Mathematics and Science at Penn State Harrisburg since 2002.

Publications and Research


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  • Witmer, J. T.  All the Gentlemen Callers: Letters from a 1920s Steamer Trunk, a short companion sequel to Jebbie.Yesteryear Publishing, expected date of publication, April 2012.
  • Witmer, J. T. Growing Up Silent in the 1950s: Not All Tail Fins and Rock ’n’ Roll. Yesteryear Publishing, expected date of publication, June 2012.
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Chapters in Books

  • Witmer, J. T. “Outcome-Based Education,” Educational Innovations: An Agenda to Frame the Future (Charles A. Greenawalt, Editor).  Harrisburg, PA: The Commonwealth Foundation, 1993.  Also reprinted by the PA Department of Education for national dissemination.
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Plays Written and Produced

  • “The Disappearing Falcon,” produced by TB Ent, January 2012


Playscripts Written and Produced

  • “Time for Reflection and Excellence,” 1987
  • “Sunrise, Sunset,” 1986
  • “What Really Happened to the Class of 1965,” 1985
  • “1984: George Orwell’s Prophecy and Reality,” 1984
  • “The World Is Yours; Build, Therefore, Your Own World,” 1983
  • “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: A Retrospective of the 1970s,” 1979
  • “Moments to Remember,” 1978
  • “The Way We Were,” 1977
  • “The World Turned Upside Down,” an American Bicentennial Pageant,” 1976
  • “The Past is Only the Beginning,” 1974
  • “To Everything There is a Season,” 1971
  • “Awake! Arise! Decide!” 1970
  • “You Can’t Go Home Again,” 1969
  • “The Answer is Blowing in the Wind,” 1968
  • “Nils mortalibus arduum est,” 1967


Choralogue (Speaking Choruses) Scripts Written and Produced

  • “Celebrate: A Song of Oneself,” 1981
  • “An Echo of the Past; A Herald of the Future”
  • “…but around in awareness,” 1975
  • “Let There be Peace on Earth,” 1973
  • “E Pluribus Unum,” 1972
  • “Nils mortalibus arduum est,” 1967


Booklets, manuals, newsletters, programs, more than 100 book reviews, broadsheets, and speeches for clients such as the president of Milton Hershey School and the director of the Cancer Center at Penn State Medical Center abound.