Penn State Harrisburg

Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Ed.D.

· Professor of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education; Behavioral Sciences and Education


Dr. Elizabeth Tisdell, professor of adult education, received her Ed.D. in adult education from the University of Georgia, and holds an M.A. in religion and religious education from Fordham University. Dr. Tisdell is currently the coordinator of the doctoral program in adult education at the Penn State Harrisburg, the co-editor of the journal, Adult Education Quarterly, and serves on the editorial board of numerous international journals relating to research in adult and higher education.

Research Interests

  • Adult Development and learning
  • Feminist ,Critical and Multicultural Pedagogy
  • Spirituality and Culture in Adult and Higher Education

Publications and Research

Books and Monographs

  • Tisdell, E., & Thompson, P. (Eds.) (2007). Popular culture, entertainment media, and adult education. New Directions in Adult and Continuing Education. no 115. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Tisdell, E.J. (2003). Exploring spirituality and culture in adult and higher education . San Francisco: Jossey Bass

Selected Journal Articles

  • Tisdell, E. (2008). Critical media literacy and transformative learning: Drawing on pop culture and entertainment media in teaching for diversity in adult higher education. Journal of Transformative Education, 6 (1), 48-67.
  • Taylor, E., Tisdell, E., & Gusic, M. (2007). Teaching beliefs of medical educators: Perspectives on clinical teaching in pediatrics. Medical Teacher, 29, 371-376.
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  • Tisdell, E. (2006). Spirituality, cultural identity, and epistemology in culturally responsive teaching in higher education. Multicultural Perspectives, 8(3), 19-25.
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