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Helpful Tips for Academic Advisors

Tip #1: Advising Meetings

  1. Review the student file and eLion notes prior to meeting with an advisee. If you do not have access to eLion, please contact your department.
  2. In your first advising meeting, consider asking the following questions to get to know the student:
    • How are things going? What’s your favorite class this semester?
    • How has college met your expectations?
    • Are you still considering xxxx major(s)?
    • What classes are you considering taking next semester?
    • Would you like to share anything about your personal background?
    • Do you have AP or college credits?
    • Are you living on campus or off-campus? 
    • How are you adjusting to the transition?
    • Are you participating of athletics?
    • What’s your work schedule?
    • How well are you able to manage your time to make sure you are studying?
    • Have you gotten involved on campus? If not, why haven’t you been able to do so?

      Source: University Advising Council 5/05
  1. After the advising meeting, enter notes into eLion. The advising notes that you enter should reflect what took place during the meeting.  See more information on advising notes in eLion, including examples of adviser comments.

Advising Updates

Advising Updates are news releases intended to notify academic advisers of new or discontinued majors and minors, as well as changes in policies or procedures affecting academic advising.

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